5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Marriage Celebrant

Getting married is quite possibly one of, if not the most significant decision of your life! It’s an opportunity to declare love and commitment with your significant other, an entirely personal experience that needs to be planned with serious consideration.

Choosing the right marriage celebrant is a vital step to ensuring your big day goes smoothly, which is why we’re going to explore the 5 essential questions you need to ask before you tie the knot.

What Qualifications and Experience do you have?

Being a celebrant in New Zealand does require official appointment, and making sure you take the time to ask this is a crucial step. If you don’t choose an official celebrant you may run the risk of your marriage not being officially recognised or certified legally.

A good celebrant will usually have been performing weddings for some time and will be able to offer advice and suggestions based off previous ceremonies and experience. Although that’s not to say that you won’t find a celebrant that you feel comfortable with that hasn’t had as much experience, the most crucial thing is making sure you have a connection and clear communication with whoever you choose. 

What Are the Cost of Your Services? What is Included in This Fee?

Planning your big day comes with a lot of big costs and investments, so potentially the most important question you can ask is how much your celebrant’s fee is? Knowing the cost of their services is vital to planning your wedding budget, and at your first meeting you’ll want to discuss exactly what their costs will cover. Asking for details on what is included in your Marriage Celebrant fee is important to avoid any unexpected fees or costs, nobody likes having extra costs adding stress to their big day. Unexpected costs may include; travel to venues, supply of equipment such as speakers and microphones, or ceremony extras like candles or sand vessels. Understanding what is included in your celebrant’s services and negotiating price up front is important to creating a stress free day full of memories.

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What is Your Availability? What is Your Backup Plan?

It may seem trivial, but something that people often don’t consider or seem to overlook is the importance of booking your celebrant with plenty of advance notice. Nobody wants their big day to be full of stress and worry, so make sure you have plenty of time with your celebrant, and book their services well ahead of time. Consider asking your celebrant how many ceremonies they do in a day. If they have multiple ceremonies planned in a day, there is a risk of having your big moment rushed, so take the time to make sure they’re free for the whole day or at least allow for time for things to run over schedule. 

It’s usually a good idea to have a chat with potential celebrants regarding what plans they have in place in case they aren’t able to make it for whatever reason. We all have sick days, or extreme situations that occur out of our control, and wedding celebrants are no exception. Often they can provide a backup plan, otherwise you will want to know if you need to have a backup in place. Nobody wants to find a celebrant at the last minute!

What does your typical Ceremony look like?

Knowing what kind of ceremony you and your significant other want for your special day is a big part of the planning for your wedding. Choosing who will carry out the ceremony will be centred around the type of wedding you dream of. Every marriage celebrant has their own personal style and approach on how they carry out ceremonies, so it’s a great idea to discuss with them before your big day exactly what your expectations are and what theirs are of you. That way there’s no surprises or misunderstandings in creating a joy filled day of memories. Here at People Possibilities we can personalise every ceremony to each individual couple so that you have everything you’ve dreamed of for your special moment.

What do you require from Us?

So you’ve got through all these questions but there’s still a few things that you need to clarify before planning your big day. What is going to be required of you? While a lot of people enjoy the planning stage of their big day, others prefer to step back and have others organise it without the hassle. So who you choose to officiate on your wedding day will influence this. Some celebrants are able to write wedding vows and provide them for you if you don’t want to, some require you to organise your own PA system, others provide their own. 

So now that you know the 5 most essential questions to ask your marriage celebrant, you can continue with confidence to find the right person to make your special day an everlasting memory!

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