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Through People Possibilities, I can help you to rediscover your self-belief and confidence. I can help you set your own priorities and direction and make a plan. I can help you to break free of your limitations and find success in both your personal and professional lives.
I am an experienced coach who is excited to help you to take the steps you need to improve and transform your professional and personal life.

Why me?

Ko Wharepuhunga, me Te Horohoroinga o ngā ringa o Kahumatamomoe, me Tihēia nga maunga
Ko Waikato, me Pokaitu, me Te Mimi o Pekehaua me Kaikaitahuna nga awa
Ko Pikitu, me Kearoa, me Tarimano nga marae
Ko Ngāti Huri, me Ngāti Kearoa Ngāti Tuarā, me Ngāti Rangiwewehi ki uta nga hapū
Ko Tainui rāua ko Te Arawa nga waka
Ko Carol Buckley toku ingoa.
As a coach, I understand the importance of cultural practices in keeping us grounded in the work we do. You will be at the centre of what we do together, and all of our work is driven by you. I will support you and your mana will remain intact. Unafraid of hard work or tough questions, I have developed a reputation for getting quality results.


I support growth in people to achieve both professional and personal success and satisfaction.


I help people create successful and fulfilling lives, at work and play.

Coaching with me

I would love to help you with
  • Life coaching
  • Development coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Culture (environment) coaching
  • Accredited Human Synergistics Culture Coach (2015)
  • Professional Mentoring & Workplace IMNZ Coaching for Practitioners Certificate (2019)
  • Pre-qualified coach for Leadership Development Centre
  • Experienced and successful leader and manager
  • Registered as a Māori business with Amotai

My values

My values are the things that are important to me; the characteristics and behaviours that motivate me and guide my decisions. They include whānau, honesty and integrity. They also apply in business, along with these listed below:


Care and support of people.


Relationships and people first.


Authenticity, be yourself.

Whakapau kaha

Work hard and do your best.

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