You're getting married? Congratulations!

How exciting! Your wedding day may be the most special and memorable part of your life. It’s the time when you come together to declare your love and commitment to each other, either in front of all your whānau and friends in a big ceremony, or with something more intimate in front of just your two witnesses and a few special people.
Every couple has a unique story, and that’s why no two weddings are exactly the same. I will work with you to understand your specific needs and expectations, getting to know you, and we will work together to create a magical day tailored to your values, beliefs, and individuality.

Plan your ceremony

There are a couple of service options to choose from:

Personalised Ceremony

This includes a unique and fully personalised script, unlimited communication to get the ceremony you want, help with advice and resources, and a rehearsal (optional but recommended). I take care of the paperwork, and you receive a keepsake document of the ceremony. This is a good option if you have specific ideas in mind, or want to include rituals (such as a sand ceremony, candle lighting or other cultural traditions) and other people (such as singing or reading).

Simple Ceremony

An intimate, registry-style ceremony without the limits placed on a registry wedding. I take care of the paperwork and deliver a ceremony that satisfies the legal requirements without personalisation.

This is a great option for couples who want a no-fuss, simple ceremony that is still special but gets them married without the frills.

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Why me?

I’m here to help you develop a wedding ceremony that will be stress-free, relaxed, and one you remember for the rest of your life – for the right reasons! It’s really important to have a Celebrant that you click with, because they can influence the whole vibe of your wedding. You need to feel comfortable and understood, so you have confidence that your day will run the way you envisaged. I’ve been a marriage celebrant since 2016, and have experience with large and small weddings. I’m relaxed and have a great sense of humour and excellent listening skills. I will collaborate with you to create a ceremony that reflects you as a couple.

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So, how does this work?

We’ll start with an obligation-free meeting, either face-to-face if you’re in the Rotorua district, by phone or via Zoom. This is an opportunity to chat about your needs and to see whether we are a good match and would work well together. We can discuss your thoughts and ideas for your ceremony, and this will also be your opportunity to ask me any questions you might have.
Many of my clients have travelled to Rotorua from elsewhere in NZ and overseas for their wedding, and we have successfully used email and zoom to craft the perfect ceremony.
If you decide that you would love to have me as your marriage celebrant, we’ll sign a contract and confirm the date and time of your wedding. I’ll put it in my calendar to be sure that I can devote the entire day to you.
We’ll then start talking about your specific needs and work out how I can bring the ceremony of your dreams to life. We’ll chat about your thoughts, ideas, and any logistics to consider. I have a good understanding of what works, so if you’d like any advice, please ask! We’ll discuss any important cultural or family traditions that you might wish to incorporate. We’ll also talk about whom you’d like to include in your ceremony, and how.
These planning stages are when we’ll work to make sure you’re delighted with your special day.
My role is to guide you in the right direction, whether you want something simple, traditional, modern, creative, or have no idea at all where to begin. As part of pulling the ceremony together, you’ll decide on your wedding vows. I have resources available to help you with this, so it need not feel daunting!

Let's get

Once the big day itself comes, I will be there to provide you with all the help and support you need so that you can focus on enjoying your celebration and starting an exciting new chapter in your life.