Coaching & Mentoring

Are you feeling stuck? Dissatisfied with your situation right now? Unhappy at work? Feeling that you need a change but aren’t sure what or how? Excited to do something more but need help with a plan? Kind of committed but with no accountability?
Change can be hard, and big goals take commitment.
Identifying what you want out of life and work, and how to set and achieve goals for yourself can seem like a challenge, but if you’re ready for positive change or the next step in your career, one-on-one coaching with me could be just what the doctor ordered.

The benefits of coaching

The basis of a successful coaching relationship is trust. When you interact with me, be assured that what you see and hear is what you get. I am authentically me. I am professional, direct, honest and a great listener.
Coaching is not counselling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or associated treatment.

Better work and personal relationships

Increased self-awareness

Achieving goals and outcomes

Becoming a more effective leader

Enhanced communication

Increased work and life satisfaction

So, how does it work?

Whether it’s your first time talking with a coach, or you’re wanting a fresh perspective, I would love to hear from you. I will chat with you to briefly understand your needs and together we will figure out the sessions to suit you. Sessions are generally an hour, and we can do these in person, by phone or via Zoom. All of these ways to connect work well, and it’s down to personal preference and logistics as to what works best for you.
We sign a contract that clarifies the expectations we have for one another in our coaching relationship, with a guarantee of strict confidentiality in our sessions. Our contract will ensure the work we do together will have a genuine impact on the transformation of your life and provide clarity in your sessions. This includes your commitment to do the work, and my commitment to hold you to account. Sound scary? It’s not!
Our first coaching session will include time getting to know one another, discussing your goals, aspirations and what you are wanting to accomplish. We might start making an action plan immediately, but that depends on where we are at. Sometimes the plan will start to happen in our second or third session. Throughout our journey together we will break down your overall goals into small do-able tasks, which are designed to help you achieve outcomes one step at a time in a manageable and enjoyable way.

Kind words

I would love
to help you

Contact me for life coaching, development coaching, leadership coaching and culture (environment) coaching.