Facilitation is the process of working with a group to enable its participants to create, discover, and apply insight. As a facilitator, I ask questions, moderate discussions, and offer activities to your team to learn, participate and contribute to an agreed outcome or goal. It is useful in training, team projects, planning, meetings, committees, and general conversations that need to involve everyone.
The most valuable use of my skills is where you have a specific idea in mind for your training, planning, or meeting session, and you need someone objective to lead the process. This allows you to participate in the process without owning it, or the outcome. This is particularly important when you need genuine engagement, input and ideas from your team, making the journey as important as the result.

How does this work?

Talk to me about what you need, and we will determine how I can help you. I am experienced in a range of facilitation situations:


Great for large meetings with one or two topics to be covered, when all voices need to be heard.


Identify what needs to be achieved, how we are going to get there, who will take responsibility for tasks, and when. And how success will be measured.


Facilitate workshops or MC to keep your event moving and participants informed.


Use existing training packages where I deliver your content, or I will work with you to develop a session or package of your own.

Let me help you

If you decide you want to work with me following our initial introductory conversation, we’ll have a more in-depth discussion about your needs. Specific elements of this discussion might include your intended number of participants, whether you want your workshop or meeting to be a one-off or recurring session, and potentially even specific activities and events you would like me to lead or be involved in.
This would be a good time to talk about the goals you would like to achieve. For instance, I can help you negotiate complex team dynamics, ensure that your employees understand a new process, or even plan for the future. We’ll define what you want to achieve from the outset to keep it on track and navigate any obstacles to ensure that we accomplish all outcomes. We will also clearly specify who needs to be involved, and their roles and responsibilities.

Kind words

“I was lucky to have Carol as my coach throughout this year. She coached me in strategies to deal with difficult and challenging situations. Carol helped me organise my approach to these situations, structure my coaching and mentoring for my people, and have confidence in my own coaching abilities. She coached me in strategies to deal with difficult and challenging situation. My progress was tangible and real.”

- J.K.


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