A Good Facilitator

Work Facilitation

Facilitation refers to the process of working with a group to enable its participants to create, discover, and apply insight. A facilitator poses questions, moderates discussions, and offers activities to help participants learn.

It can be applied to both in-person and remote training, as well as team projects, task forces, meetings and committees. A skilled facilitator can help in any situation where you need your learners to achieve a specific outcome.

Do you need a good facilitator for a workshop or training session? The team at People Possibilities has the insights and expertise to help you make group planning and collaboration both productive and pleasurable.

An expert facilitator from People Possibilities will help you overcome barriers, work in partnership, and manage your team more effectively in the ever-changing business environment.

As a coach, my knowledge of culture and protocols gives me the abilities to unite team members of diverse backgrounds on a common goal. To find out more about what we do, please contact us at 029 282 1736 or click here to send us an enquiry.

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A Good Facilitator

01 Get In Touch

The process begins when you get in touch with us to request facilitation for a workshop or training. You might already have a specific idea in mind for your session or only a general notion of your goals. Regardless of where you’re at, we’ll work with you to bring your plan to life.

Discussion Of Needs 02

If you decide you want to work with us following our introductory conversation, we’ll then go into a more in-depth discussion of your facilitation needs. Specific elements of this discussion can include your intended number of participants, whether you want your workshop to be a one-off or recurring session, and potentially even specific activities and events you would like us to be involved in.

This would be a good time to talk about the goals you would like to achieve. For instance, a good facilitator can help you smooth out complex team dynamics, ensure that your employees understand a new process, or even strategically plan for the future.

03 Sign contract

Once we have agreed on a specific plan of approach and deliverables, we will put together a contract. Once this is signed, we can get on and do the work.

The contract will cover off the specific services to be provided. We’ll define what you want to achieve from the outset to keep it on track and navigate any obstacles to ensure that we accomplish all outcomes. We will also clearly specify who needs to be involved, and their roles and responsibilities.

The Actual Workshop 04

The last step in the process is when the actual workshop or training session takes place. Our facilitators will help you create and sustain a participatory environment so that your group can work purposefully and achieve valuable outcomes.

If this session is meant to be part of a regular programme, we’ll discuss any feedback to see how we can improve future sessions after it ends.

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