Carol, I wanted to drop a review for the awesome coaching you gave me. Firstly it was incredibly valuable for me as you helped unlock my mind to think outside the box. You really helped me to find clarity for where I want to go and what I want to do when I get there. You have a wonderful way of bringing the realness in a very safe space. I never once felt unsafe, but it definitely challenged me. I can hand on heart recommend you to others looking to progress and grow professionally and personally. Thanks a lot Carol for your support and guidance this year.


I recently was very fortunate to have regular coaching with Carol Buckley from People Possibilities. This opportunity enabled me to stretch my thinking and become solution focussed. Carol provided me with a couple of frameworks around work life balance which have been instrumental in me making change around my schedule. I was able to talk freely about all the great wellbeing stuff I was doing for my teams but realised I wasn’t extending the same courtesy to myself. Carol through active listening and great open questions helped me to realise what was needed and encouraged me to set goals in these areas. I was encouraged every session to come with specific topics that I was struggling with and Carol provided me guidance and support to problem solve these.I have been a leader in the public sector for over 20 years and I found this coaching so valuable.  There were many nuggets of gold and strategies which will make me an even better leader.

Ryan & Haruka

Take all of the stress that comes with planning a wedding, add a lockdown into the mix and stir. For something that is supposed to be a beautiful event, my Wife (yussss!) and I certainly felt a lot of anxiety, pressure and uncertainty leading up to the point where we contacted Carol about being our Celebrant. From our very first contact she began sweeping away all of our fears and worries and replacing them with excitement, confidence and love. Carol was flexible, understanding, caring and genuine. Haruka and I really cannot thank this beautiful soul enough for making our day as magical as it was. If you are looking for someone to share in your special day as the celebrant of your love, You can stop looking.


“I have had the privilege of being coached by Carol. Her respectful, caring and  non-biased manner allowed me to feel safe in our korero. Carol was also very disciplined in discussing and gaining my agreement on our contract arrangements around confidentiality and our responsibilities in this coaching arrangement. Carol was very professional, caring and neutral in her approach. Carol was able to help me navigate personal and work goals and how they interplayed with each other and helped me be my authentic self. This was all by asking the right questions, letting me reflect and find my own answers. I’ll be always grateful to have had Carol as a coach. She is confident, a great communicator, good energy, knows when to be silent, great listener and had some good info/strategies/models to assist my thinking as needed and relevant”


“I sought Carol out as I needed coaching and guidance in my work. She helped me recognise the skills I have to grow in my work, the opportunity to work through things and hold me accountable to ensure I was achieving what I want! I had the answers, I just couldn’t work out how to unlock them. She provided a non-judgemental listening ear and made me feel normal in a difficult time. Carol is an amazing Coach, and I cannot recommend her enough”


“We built instant rapport and Carol made me feel at ease. She provided hints on useful tools to support changes in behaviour. She did a fantastic job”


“We set realistic goals and I worked towards them. I was challenged enough to be uncomfortable at times. Carol helped me turn some personally focussed goals into something that was linked to business goals. I have benefitted personally as well as professionally from it”


“Carol’s coaching included good listening; good questioning; supportive; focussed and caring. It was much better than I expected and very helpful in getting me to look at myself”


“Carol is a fantastic coach, easy to relate to and really encouraging. She kept me on track with the goals I set for myself and really challenged my thinking and statements I was making, helping me to turn negative info positive. I would recommend Carol to my colleagues for coaching”

Tony & Sheree

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Carol as our celebrant for our lake side wedding. Carol made the whole process just so simple. Despite not meeting her before the ‘Big Day’ (out of town wedding for us) we both felt fully informed and completely at ease with the process. Carol was engaging, organised and calm throughout the ceremony. We couldn’t recommend Carol highly enough”